Global Trade and Business: An Introduction to International Business

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What Will You Learn?

  • The skills for understanding the international trading process so that you can position yourself to work for a global trading firm or start and manage our own.

Course Content

Getting a Big Picture Look: An Overview of International Trade
We have come a long way since the earlier times and International trade today has taken on new dimension. It was a fact earlier that impact of trade between two countries was not limited to economics alone, but fuelled political, social ambitions too. Today with the advancement of technology and impact of globalization has made it necessary for all countries to engage necessarily in international trade for their survival.

  • Thinking Outside the Box: A Global Perspective on International Trade
  • Tracing the Roots: A Historical Journey Through International Trade
  • Setting the Scene: Understanding the Backdrop to International Trade

International Trade Integration
No doubt international trade has existed spanning civilizations, in the current global economic situation no country can keep away without participating in international trade. Countries are moving cautiously away from capitalistic and protectionist outlook and engaging in trade with other countries. With the creation of WTO, there have been constant efforts made to unite countries to create more markets, to standardize tariffs and trade laws as well as remove trade barriers in trying to create free markets.

Import and Export Licensing Process
International Trade has become the order of the day in the current environment of Globalization. The nature of economies namely under developed, developing and developed countries as well as the availability of natural resources, labor, technology and capital required for production etc play an important role in countries economy as well as its reliance on international trade. While countries which are rich in resources look for exporting to other countries and earning foreign exchange, countries mostly the developed countries rely on imports from developing countries for their use.

Smoothing the Way: Navigating the Customs Clearance Process in International Trade
When any Organization Imports any item into the country, the cargo would need to be Custom Cleared. The consignment transported by Air, Ship or by Trailer on the Road, would have to be deposited at the Customs Notified and Bonded Area. Customs Clearance or brokering is done by third party service providers who are licensed by Customs for the said purpose. They represent the Importer and co-ordinate with Customs Department as well as other specific departments to Custom Clear the cargo.

Global Marketing Strategies
Multi National Product Company’s view of global markets and trade is totally different from the other smaller organizations. They generally tend to identify their markets first. To be able to cater to the growing markets they identify suitable manufacturing locations that give them the best cost advantage in terms of labor as well as other resources.

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