Livinno Prodigy

Incubation Services for Schools

  • ○ Regular startup meets for students
  • ○ Regular webinars on startups
  • ○ Seminars on Startups and Entrepreneurship
  • ○ Seminars on Financial Knowledge
  • ○ Seminars on Legalities
  • ○ Seminars from Industry Experts
  • ○ Dedicated Hackathon for School Students
  • ○ Dedicated Ideathons for school students
  • ○ Premium courses
  • ○ Digitizing the whole community
  • ○ Branding of School
  • ○ Promotion of school
  • ○ Certificate of Authorization for being a startup hub


Livinnovate believes that everyone deserves to be successful in their life and each student requires to be in various communities with they can participate in various types of events (Technical Events, Startup Based Meetups, Community Meetups).

This supports students being in a good environment of mentors and advisors. For further details visit our blog: Importance of community, mentors, and advisors.

Any of the schools can visit our platform and can fill in the details along with the requirements of their educational institute. We provide Silver services to schools to support aspiring entrepreneurs.

To apply fill out this form:

Yes, we have a Prodigy package for schools, particularly for schools. Check our Prodigy plan for further details.

Blogs Update from Livinnovate

We are pleased to inform you that our Blogging Website is live now. Check it out now and leave us the comment about what you feel. We are waiting for your replies.