Livinno Ace

Incubation Services for Colleges

  • ○ Incubation services for 5 startups for Platinum plan.
  • ○ Incubation portal for 8 startups
  • ○ Nurturing students to build a startup.
  • ○ Regular startup meets for students.
  • ○ Regular webinars on startups.
  • ○ Seminars on Startups and Entrepreneurship.
  • ○ Seminars on Financial Knowledge.
  • ○ Seminars on Legalities.
  • ○ Seminars from Industry Experts.
  • ○ Dedicated Hackathon for college Students.
  • ○ Dedicated Ideathons for College students.
  • ○ Premium courses.
  • ○ Digitizing the whole community.
  • ○ Branding of College.
  • ○ Promotion of College.
  • ○ Certificate of Authorization for being a startup hub.
  • ○ Establish an Incubation cell at the college.
  • ○ Digitizing the whole community.


Livinnovate promotes innovative and workable ideas from various domains. It helps students, researchers and faculty members realize ideas into products, processes or services for the benefit of society and industry.

Entrepreneurship forms the backbone of the nation's economy and to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Livinnovate is working to inculcate the ideology of entrepreneurship among the youth of India. Today's youth must be more inclined to create jobs than to get them. In order to help young people become self-employed and create job opportunities, Livinnovate therefore decided to provide support in all possible ways. 

Therefore, a full-fledged incubation cell of Livinnovate has been established for this purpose, which will act as a catalyst for the development of entrepreneurship within the university and also for other aspiring youth.

Livinnovate believes that college students can build revolutionary products and can provide best of the services to their clients or customers. For which we provide our best of the plan - ACE PLAN for 6 of the startups for just pricing of 5 startups specifically for colleges. 

In short for cost of 5 ACE plan college can avail benefits for 6 startups. For further details check our ACE plan.

Any of the colleges can visit our platform and can fill in the details along with the requirements of their educational institute. We provide ACE plan to colleges to support aspiring entrepreneurs.

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