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We're building a Startup community where you can learn from each other, share ideas and experiences, and build your own startup.

Starting of the Journey

Livinnovate is a startup incubation cell established on February 26th, 2022, founded by Abhishek Nair to provide trustworthy and reliable incubation services. The company aims to fill the gap in the market by delivering on promises that many incubation services fail to fulfill.


Livinnovate has achieved several milestones since its establishment in 2022, including receiving certification from Startup India and being featured in various publications such as Daily Hunt, Google News, Bharat Saga, and Entrepreneur Stories. These achievements have helped increase the company's visibility and credibility as a reliable incubation cell for startups. Livinnovate continues to grow and provide valuable support to startups.

Connections & Collaborations

Livinnovate has collaborated with Simplilearn, DesignCoz, India Blockchain Alliance, and AM2PM Support to provide startups with access to resources that can help them achieve their goals. The company is dedicated to creating a positive environment for startups to grow and thrive, and it works hard to ensure its clients have the support they need to succeed. Livinnovate's commitment to helping startups and its willingness to put in the work to make it happen is evident in its collaborations with other companies.

The Promise

The vision of livinnovate is to provide unstoppable solutions to emerging and struggling startups in order to help them succeed in the industry. Livinnovate is always looking forward to major industries like Agriculture, BlockChain, health and many more.

Blogs Update from Livinnovate

We are pleased to inform you that our Blogging Website is live now. Check it out now and leave us the comment about what you feel. We are waiting for your replies.